We handle shipping and transportation, while also offering some warehouse management inbound freight.

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We handle shipping and transportation, while and also offering some warehouse management inbound freight and the other various services including end to end delivery.
Barges & Tugs Charter

Barges and tugs charter refers to the arrangement of hiring or leasing barges  and tugs for various maritime operations. Barges are primarily used for transporting bulk cargo, heavy equipment, or oversized loads, while tugs are employed to provide propulsion, maneuverability, and towing capabilities to the barges.

Ship Management & Operation

Ensuring its safe and efficient functioning while complying with international maritime regulations. Ship management encompasses a range of activities and responsibilities that are crucial for the smooth operation of a vessel, whether it is a cargo ship, tanker, container ship, or any other type of seafaring vessel.

Sea Freight & Passenger Charters

Sea freight chartering involves the transportation of goods by sea, allowing businesses to move large volumes of cargo efficiently and cost-effectively. On the other hand, passenger charters cater to travelers seeking bespoke sea journeys, offering privacy, comfort, and flexibility.

Marine Registration Services

Marine registration services refer to the processes and services associated with registering and documenting vessels with the appropriate maritime authorities. Vessel registration serves as official proof of ownership and provides legal recognition for a vessel, allowing it to operate legally and enjoy the benefits and protections provided by the flag state under which it is registered

Cargo loading & unloading services

Cargo loading and unloading services refer to the processes involved in safely and efficiently loading and unloading cargo onto and from various modes of transportation, such as ships, trucks, airplanes, and trains. These services are crucial for ensuring the smooth flow of goods in the supply chain, minimizing handling risks, and optimizing the loading and unloading process.

Sea Cargo services

Sea cargo services, also known as ocean freight services, refer to the transportation of goods and cargo via ships across domestic and international waters. These services involve the handling, shipping, and delivery of various types of cargo, ranging from bulk commodities to packaged goods, using specialized vessels designed for maritime transportation

Ship Charter

Ship charter services involve the hiring or leasing of an entire vessel or a portion of its cargo space for a specific period or voyage. Ship chartering provides flexibility and customization options for transporting goods or passengers based on specific requirements, allowing businesses and individuals to meet their transportation needs without owning a vessel                                                                      

Small Boats Passenger Services

Small boats passenger services refer to the transportation of passengers using smaller vessels, typically boats or watercraft with a limited passenger capacity. These services are often utilized for recreational purposes, tourism, sightseeing, ferrying passengers to specific destinations, or providing short-distance transportation in coastal areas, lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water

Cargo Packing

Cargo packing refers to the process of properly securing and packaging goods or cargo to ensure their safe transportation during shipping or transportation. It involves selecting suitable packaging materials, arranging the cargo within the packaging, and securing it to prevent damage or loss during transit.